Elizabeth J. Buckley, Ph.D.

Psychologist in Private Practice
I used to see you for therapy. Can I come back?
A good therapy relationship can be a lifetime resource. If there are openings, I welcome former clients back.
What type of Medicare plans do you accept?
***Not accepting any new Medicare patients at present*** I do not accept cash payment from Medicare patients in lieu of their policy, either.
What is the best way to get in touch with you about becoming a new patient?

The quickest way to get in touch is by email through this site. If you prefer to leave a confidential voice mail with some particulars about your situation, be sure to follow it up right away with an email to check on my availability.

What are your fees?

The fee for the initial consultation is $225. Any follow-up therapy is $185 per session. All appointments are 55 minutes.

I do not participate in health insurance networks. If your health insurance provides out-of-network coverage, I am happy to submit your claim for you, or provide billing statements to submit to your insurer, for you to be reimbursed a portion of your fee.